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· Comprehensive Audit Review by Senior Financial Analysts & Microsoft Certified Spreadsheet Development Experts

· Proprietary Best-In-Class audit software and procedures ensure nothing’s missed

· Detailed graded report on findings clearly identifying all existing errors PLUS areas of potential/latent risk

· Specific Recommendations to correct errors, eliminate risk, and permanently prevent recurrence


· Fix all errors throughout spreadsheet model/report

· Eliminate fixed-value formulas and replace with fully-referenced formulas

· Eliminate all columnar/row formula inconsistencies

· Dramatically improve calculation efficiency


· Redesign spreadsheet structure to make more intuitive

· Fully protect worksheets and sub-components from modification or deletion

· Add intrinsic automated error checks and alerts

· Add extensive data validation checks and controls

· Fully incorporate data entry ActiveX and Form controls throughout

· Add comprehensive set of user help and explanatory features


Comprehensive spreadsheet audit to find all spreadsheet errors and risks

Robust spreadsheet auditing and spreadsheet model validation audit review services and corrective audit services for internal auditors.  Audit and eliminate spreadsheet risk and errors.  Increase control and establish continuous audit procedures over Excel spreadsheet models and reports.  Make Sarbanes-Oxley SOX audit compliant and risk-free.  Improve spreadsheet integrity. Eliminate errors formulas and calculations.  Protect spreadsheet investment by eliminating error risk.

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Internal Auditor Magazine, Institute of Internal Auditors IIASpreadsheet auditing software for analysts, internal auditors or general spreadsheet users. Find, fix, and permanently eliminate spreadsheet errors and risks in Excel spreadsheet models, reports, and worksheets. Advanced spreadsheet error and Sarbanes-Oxley risk analysis audit using sophisticated computer aided audit software. Spreadsheet auditing software for continuous audit of spreadsheet risk.
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