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There are numerous value-added solutions available through our analytical services. For each one, we can build it for you, we can help you build it, or we can provide expert support while you build it


 Business Case Analysis Models (see details)

 Target Marketing Models (see details)

 Inventory Management Models (see details)

 Manufacturing & Logistics Planning Models (see details)

 Activity-Based Costing Models (see details)

 Pricing Optimization Models (see details)

 Budgeting & Forecasting Models (see details)

 Automated Key Performance Indicator Reports

 CAPEX Post-Mortem Tracking Analysis

 Financial Results Reporting Package

 Variance Reporting and Analysis

 Manufacturing Performance Reporting

 Customer & Product Profitability Reporting

 SKU Rationalization Analysis

 Supplier Performance Reporting

 Working Capital Reporting & Analysis

 Customer Segmentation Reporting & Analysis

 Sales & Distribution Channel Analysis

 Sources of Change (Bridge) Analysis

 Volume/Mix Analysis

 Price/Cost Margin Analysis

 Statistical Multiple Regression Analysis

 Statistical Profit Correlation Analysis

 Database Development, Mining, & Analysis

 Customer Retention Analysis

 Marketing Performance Analysis & Reporting

 Customer Acquisition Cost Analysis & Reporting

 CRM Performance & Analysis

 Key Account Management Database Development

 Strategic Planning Analysis

 Customer Profile and Trend Analysis

 Customer Behavioral Analysis

 Competitor Database Development & Analysis

 Prospect Database Development & Analysis

 Market Opportunity and Trend Analysis

 Many More...

Analytic Solutions spreadsheet and database development Excel Access SQL Server Oracle analysis